• Health   Intergration

    Health Intergration

    We Promote Health through Information, Education, Communication & Referrals & WASH services

  • Economic Empowerment

    Economic Empowerment

    Economic empowerment through VSLA to support Individual IGAs, Skills Building & Livelihood Support Services

  • Psychosocial Therapy

    Psychosocial Therapy

    Games, Sports & Local Theater as part of Psychosocial Support Services and Play Therapy

  • Programs to Stop Child Abuse

    Programs to Stop Child Abuse

    We run programs that support the end of child abuse in Uganda


Welcome to Uganda Program for Positive Parenting!

We are a local, child focused Non Governmental Organization founded in 2009 by a team of five committed individuals with a vast experience working with children. We were incorporated as a Non Governmental organization (NGO) in 2011.

Our Vision is: ” A society empowered for a realization of children’s rights. ”

Our Mission is: ” To contribute to psychosocial, livelihood, capacity, education, health and moral well-being of individuals, families and community to enhance the welfare of children. ”


We aim to :

  1. Contribute to the process of addressing the negatives outcomes of poor parenting on children
  2. Promote positive parenting practices among individuals, families and communities.